DATE : Thursday 30 June 2016 - 14:49
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Gilan’s Governor Reports:

 1,500 Billion Tomans of Facilities to be Paid to Production Units in Gilan

The governor of Gilan reported of paying 1,500 billion Tomans to production and industrial units in the format of resistive economy, by the end of year

 1,500 Billion Tomans of Facilities to be Paid to Production Units in Gilan

According to Caspian International News Agency in Rasht, Mohammad Ali Najafi in a meeting over removing the barriers to production and investment in the province said, “This year, a total of 470 billion Tomans, from the funds of resistive economy, will be paid to those units which have up to 100 employees.” He added, “A loan interest subsidy of 30 billion Tomans will also be paid to these units.”

He also reported of paying facilities about 1000 billion Tomans from other financial resources to industrial, services, agricultural and tourism units and said, “This money will be paid from other financial resources such as National Development Fund, technical and credit assistance, and banks’ internal resources.”

The governor of Gilan said, “Last year, facilities of 1,080 billion Tomans were allocated to the 50 top production units. Fortunately Central Bank has announced that recently this amount has been paid to the units.”
(Translating by Negar Lotfi)



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