DATE : Saturday 6 August 2016 - 16:10
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Gilan Governor Stresses:

Seizing the Iranian Trade House Opportunity

The governor of Gilan asked all Iranian exporters to use the opportunity created by the Iranian Trade House.

Seizing the Iranian Trade House Opportunity

According to Caspian International News Agency, Mohammad Ali Najafi, in the meeting of Iranian traders in Astrakhan that has been held in the Iranian consulate, referred to the opening of the Iranian Trade House and said, “In this trade house which has been built by the Gilan Chamber of Commerce, an opportunity has been created for all provinces to benefit from this capability for expanding export.”

Stating that Gilan’s view towards the Iranian Trade House is national, said, “Provinces desks will be provided in this center, as trade support units.”

He added, “Each one of Iran’s provinces has different abilities and these abilities can be brought together in this trade house.”

Najafi hinted at the cooperation of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and said, “In the past two years, good conditions have been created for border provinces to be more active.”

Referring to the government’s efforts for realizing resistive economy, the governor of Gilan also said, “this year, is the best opportunity for removing many export obstacles.”

Najafi added, “Traders and businessmen play an influential role in improving the relations between the countries, and exporters can use this year’s conditions and the achievements of JCPOA.”

(Translating by Negar Lotfi)



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