DATE : Sunday 14 August 2016 - 12:40
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Second Medal Has a Beautiful Color Too!

Sohrab Moradi Decisively Wins Gold, Iran’s Weightlifting Shows Its Power in Olympic

Sohrab Moradi, Iran’s weightlifter, won Iran’s second gold medal in Rio Olympic with a combined total of 403kg.

Sohrab Moradi Decisively Wins Gold, Iran’s Weightlifting Shows Its Power in Olympic

According to Caspian International News Agency, in the 94kg category of men’s weightlifting in the 2016 Rio Olympic games, Sohrab Moradi and Ali Hashemi competed against 6 athletes from Belarus (2), Ukraine, Lithuania, Egypt, and Thailand.

Sohrab Moradi chose a 178kg in the first lift in snatch which he couldn’t make. However, he was successful with the 178kg for the second time. He made a 182kg lift for his third snatch and finished his game in snatch with the first place.

Ali Hashemi failed his first attempt at a 172kg snatch. With the second unsuccessful 173kg snatch, he was on the brink of elimination, but he made a successful lift with the 173kg the third time to stay in the games. Hashemi ranked seventh among the eight athletes (because of his lower weight).

Aurimas Didzbalis from Lithuania claimed 177kg and finished in second in snatch, while Sarat Sumpradit of Thailand ended in the third place.

In the clean and jerk, Moradi made a successful 221 lift, but failed the 234kg (the world’s record for clean and jerk). He also failed at his third attempt with the 234kg.

Hashemi started the clean and jerk with a successful 210kg lift, but he couldn’t make the 220kg lift in his second attempt. He failed at the third attempt with the 220kg again, to finish in the seventh place in total.

With a combined total of 395kg, Vadzim from Belarus earned a silver and Aurimas Didzbalis of Lithuania wins bronze with a combined total of 392kg.

(Translating by Negar Lotfi)



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