DATE : Saturday 20 August 2016 - 17:13
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Hassan Nasrallah:

If There Is a War, We Will Win, Turkey Should Close Its Borders To Terrorists

Secretary General of Hezbollah regarded the victory in the July war as a divine victory and God’s will, and stressed that if a war starts against the Resistance, Hezbollah will win.

If There Is a War, We Will Win, Turkey Should Close Its Borders To Terrorists

According to Caspian International News Agency, Hassan Nasrallah, in the interview with Al-Manar channel said, “The consequences of the July war for Zionists were significant.”

He added, “Our belief in victory was based on our belief in God’s promise to Mujahedan, and today I am sure that the Resistance will win, if there is a war against it, since we are right in the battle against Israel and moreover we believe in God’s promise.”

Hassan Nasrallah, in response to Turkey’s role in the Syrian crisis, stated that the Syrian war is a full-scale war and it’s necessary that some countries reconsider it; if Turkey closes its borders to the terrorist, Hezbollah will achieve a great victory.

Hassan Nasrallah recalled his prediction in five years ago, when he had said that many groups like Al‑Qaeda would enter the scene of war against the Resistance and after that these groups are done with their missions, Hezbollah would destroy them.
Hassan Nasrallah underlined that this was Bandar bin Sultan’s plan.

He added, “When an Israeli is killed, I don’t feel sorry for him, but when an astray person who is sent to Syria to fight against us dies, I feel sorry.”

(Translating by Negar Lotfi)



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