DATE : Sunday 4 September 2016 - 15:49
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Anti-Erdogan Protest in Germany

Thousands of Kurdish residents of Germany lead a protest against the Turkish government, in Cologne

Anti-Erdogan Protest in Germany

Caspian International News Agency– Nearly 25000 Kurds and their supporters, participated in a peaceful protest against Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, the president of Turkey, in Cologne. They were chanting “No to military coup, No to civil dictatorship”.

The protestors were holding pictures of Abdullah Ocalan, the imprisoned leader of Kurdish labor party (PKK). The European Union and the United States have declared PKK a terrorist organization.

Since 1999, Ocalan has been imprisoned in Turkey, and ever since the unsuccessful coup in Turkey, on July 15, there has been no news of him.

A number of Kurdish politicians and activists in Turkey have announced that they will go on a hunger strike this week, in order to get permission to visit Ocalan.

Yavuz Fersoglu, the spokesman of the Kurdish group ‘Nav-Dem’, who had organized the protest in Cologne, said, “We are protesting because they have treated us unfairly for the past 30 years, and Germany has also reinforced these actions by sending weapons and prohibiting Kurdish movements in Germany.”

Authorities in Berlin are worried about the serious conflicts amongst the 3 million Turks in Germany after the unsuccessful military coup in Turkey.

On the other hand, the Police spokesperson has announced, “one thousand police officers were present in the Kurdish protest to guarantee a peaceful protest.



(Translating by Negar Lotfi)



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