DATE : Friday 23 September 2016 - 07:31
NEWS ID : 1330
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Lorestan Police:

Identity of Dead Body Found in Gahar Lake Revealed; Corpse Found after 9 years+Photo

Social deputy of Lorestan police said, “The body belonged to a man named Saeed Nakhaei

Caspian International News Agency- Reza Shirozhen, in a meeting with reporters said, “Investigations on the body found in Gahar lake, revealed that it belonged to Saeed Nakhaei who had drowned 9 years ago”.

He said that the body was delivered to his family after being identified.


The director of forensics in Lorestan added, “Due to the climatic features of Gahar lake, the body was afflicted by a phenomenon called adipocere and thus was not putrefied and was completely identifiable.”

Hamidreza Nazifi stated, “Considering that the body was found in the lake, and no signs of assault and injury was observed, drowning was announced as the cause of death.”

He added that for certainty, DNA tests will be conducted on the body.

It is said that this Monday, a severe wind caused waves in the lake and the dead body that was under the water for 9 years surfaced.


(Translating by Negar Lotfi)




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