DATE : Monday 26 September 2016 - 13:21
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The Important Statements of the Supreme Leader at the Beginning of his Fiqh Course

Imam Khamenei: I Told Someone It will not Be to the Country’s and Your Own Benefit if You Are Nominated

The important statements of the Supreme Leader, at the beginning of his Fiqh course, are published

Imam Khamenei: I Told Someone It will not Be to the Country’s and Your Own Benefit if You Are Nominated

Caspian International News Agency- The important statements of Ayatollah Khamenei, the Supreme Leader of revolution, at the beginning of his Fiqh course, are published.

The following is some parts of the statement of the Supreme Leader:


I should mention it seems that my yesterday’s talks have been misunderstood by some.

Misunderstanding is not a bad thing in itself, but when it leads to argument, especially on the internet, and when it becomes a source of annoyance between faithful brothers, then it’s a bad thing.

I always insist on the unity of hearts, moving in a unique direction, and the unity of forces in our country. I ask God’s help not to say something that causes conflict among the forces.

These issues should not cause conflict, Yes, someone came to me, and I considered his and the country’s benefit and told him that you shouldn’t take part in that matter. I didn’t say you must not participate, I said it’s to your benefit that you don’t participate.

This is a normal thing, one should tell his faithful brother what he sees, understands, and believes is to his benefit, and in this case, we are often more aware of the country’s situation than most of the people.

We know people too; especially those who have sit in hundreds of our meetings. Considering the audience, and the situation of the country, I advised someone, that I don’t think you should participate, because if you participate in that matter, the nation will be divided, and a division is not good for the country.

This is not such an important thing. It’s normal, and Yes I advised one of the brothers this way. Now, why should this cause conflict among the faithful brothers? Someone says he has said, someone says he hasn’t, and someone says why hasn’t he told it using a microphone, here you go I’m using a microphone! (The audience laughs…)

And the enemy are listening to use from these conflicts, you should be careful, how does this concern Radio Farda or Radio BBC? They discuss and analyze that what is the reason.

This means that the enemy wants to use it; now what can we do? We have to move in the opposite direction and act normal.

You are my faithful brother, I see something is to your benefit, and I tell you. This is not bad, It is also necessary by God’s law. People should give advice, and giving advice means

And some people say that I am under the influence of such and such, No it’s not that, I have more information than such and such and more motivation. We should answer God, tomorrow, they will ask us, why did you say that, they will also ask why didn’t you say that? So we have to say what we think is benefit.

No, the matter that we discussed yesterday, didn’t mean what you thought at all.


The End of Message


(Translating by Negar Lotfi)



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