DATE : Sunday 16 October 2016 - 14:23
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WikiLeaks’ Documents Show:

Hillary Clinton Wanted to Attack Iran

In the latest documents disclosed by WikiLeaks, there is a conversation between Hillary Clinton and Goldman Sachs institution during which the current candidate of the Democratic party for US presidential election, has clearly stated that Israel is not able to attack Iran on its own, and if Iran approaches nuclear bombs, Tehran should be bombed

Hillary Clinton Wanted to Attack Iran

Caspian International News Agency– The documentations revealed by WikiLeaks shows that in 2013, in a series of conversations between Hillary Clinton and the officials of Goldman Sachs institution, she has clearly stated that if Iran approaches nuclear bombs, a military attack against Iran should take place.

In a conference in South Carolina on June 4, 2013, Clinton addressed Lloyd Blankfein, the CEO of Goldman Sachs and said that if Tehran raced toward the bomb, the US must “up the pain,” but without “boots on the ground”. These words of Hillary Clinton were said five months before the talks on Iran’s nuclear energy started.

During the conference, Blankfein asked Clinton how to prevent the Iranian regime from becoming a nuclear power without launching an invasion, after expressing doubts that such an invasion would work.

“It’s hard to imagine going into something as open-ended and uncontainable as the occupation of Iran,” he said. “How else can you stop them from doing something they [are] committed to doing?”

Clinton answered, “Well, you up the pain that they have to endure by not in any way occupying or invading them but by bombing their facilities. I mean, that is the option. It is not, as we like to say these days, boots on the ground.”

Later, she added, “We have to bomb the facilities. They act as though there would be no consequences either predicted or unpredicted. Of course there would be, and you already are dealing with a regime that is the principal funder and supplier of terrorism in the world today.”

Clinton clearly said that the Israelis did not have the military capabilities to attack the Iranian nuclear facilities.

She added, “Israel has been following this procedure- Iran obtaining nuclear power- for years. They think that postponing Iran’s nuclear program is worth any attempts, and that Iran’s reaction can be neutralized. However, Israel cannot do this on its own. We now have a weapon which is absolutely dangerous.”

Hillary Clinton describes this weapon: “This is a penetrating bomb. Because if you cannot pass the protecting layers which have covered Iran’s nuclear sites, and access the centrifuges, you can’t postpone Iran’s nuclear program.

These statements by Clinton in June, 2013, clearly reflects her thoughts about Iran’s nuclear program and the Islamic Republic of Iran. These revealed documents have not been confirmed neither denied by her campaign.

(Translating by Negar Lotfi)



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