DATE : Monday 7 November 2016 - 15:54
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Trump: Iran the Only Winner of Mosul Battle

The Republican candidate of US presidential election has claimed in a statement that liberating Mosul is beneficial only for Iran which is more powerful than anyone in Iraq.

Trump: Iran the Only Winner of Mosul Battle

Caspian International News Agency- According to CNN, Donald Trump, the Republican candidate of US presidential election, has once again expressed his disagreement with the Mosul battle and the presence of US in this operation.

Stating that US presence in this operation has completely political reasons, and that US military forces are in this operation only to help Hillary Clinton win, he said, “US officials have already lost this battle”.

Obama’s government had announced that they had planned to attack Mosul, months before the beginning of operation.

Trump, who was giving a speech among his fans in Tampa, Florida, heavily criticized the US government officials and added, “liberating Mosul will be a difficult operation, more difficult than US officials expect. Our country needs new ideas in leadership level, these men shouldn’t have said in advance that the were planning to attack.”

In another part of his criticism about US being in this operation, the Republican nominee claimed that being in this operation has no benefit for US, and that liberating Mosul is only beneficial for Iran, who is the most powerful in this country now.

(Translating by Negar Lotfi)



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