DATE : Thursday 10 November 2016 - 11:36
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Hackers Attack Major Russian Banks

Five major Russian banks have been attacked by hackers from different countries. The scope of these actions have been reported to be very vast

Hackers Attack Major Russian Banks

Caspian International News Agency- Sberbank and Alfa-bank which are considered the largest banks in Russia, have confirmed hacker attacks to their computer systems, which have been done for the first time in this year.

On Thursday, the Russia-24 channel announced hackers have attacked the target banks several times in the past 24 hours.

This Russian media has added that most probably, hackers from different countries such as US, India, Taiwan, and also Palestine have conducted these attacks.

Last year too, hackers had targeted eight major Russian banks.

Last year, Sberbank spent nearly $ 22,000,000 on protecting its computer system’s security from hacker attacks.

On the other hand, a US National Security Council official implicitly confirmed America’s planning for cyber attacks against Russia, and announced, “Washington won’t disclose information about its action regarding this issue”.

After that a news about an American hacker group’s penetrating into the computer infrastructures of Russia, including the Kremlin Palace, was spread in US media, Moscow asked Washington for explanation.

US National Security Council spokesman has said to Rossiya Segodnya news agency that this country will definitely answer cyber threats, and will defend its national interests.

(Translating by Negar Lotfi)



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