DATE : Thursday 1 December 2016 - 10:18
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ISIS uses water as weapon in Mosul fight

At least half a million people caught in the crossfire inside the Iraqi city of Mosul now have no access to running water

ISIS uses water as weapon in Mosul fight
Caspian International News Agency– One of three major water pipelines was struck as Iraqi troops fought back ISIS militants in parts of eastern Mosul.
The damaged conduit remains inside the group’s territory, making it inaccessible for repairs, according to a UNICEF statement released Wednesday.
An Iraqi-led offensive began in October to liberate Mosul after more than two years under ISIS control. Mosul is the terror group’s last major power base in Iraq.
Officials and witnesses admit a pipeline break has occurred but said ISIS’ more sinister agenda has escalated the problem. The group has intentionally cut off water supplies to neighborhoods near the front line, according to Zuhair Hazem al-Jabouri, a Mosul City Council official responsible for supervising the city’s water and energy services.
“They (ISIS) cut the electricity to the water stations that feed several neighborhoods where Iraqi troops are advancing,” Jabouri said. “They are depriving people of drinking water in eastern Mosul. They want to force people to retreat with them in order to use them as human shields.”



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