DATE : Wednesday 11 January 2017 - 08:18
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Obama Cries at his Last Public Speech;

JCPOA, One of the Most Important Achievements of Obama’s Government

Barack Obama, the president of US gave his last speech as the US president in the last week of his term in office

JCPOA, One of the Most Important Achievements of Obama’s Government

Caspian International News Agency– The president of USA among his 18000 fans pointed to the achievements during his 8-year presidential term and asked people to protect these achievements during the term of the next president of US.

Counting the achievements of his 8-year term, he stated that relations with Cuba, killing Ben Laden, and the JCPOA were among the most important achievements.

Obama also warned about the future of Democracy in US during the presidency of Donald Trump, and asked the US citizens to fight for honoring the core values of democracy in their country.

In this farewell speech, Michel Obama and Joe Biden were present.

Giving a farewell speech is one of the traditions of US presidents, and it’s officially done in the last days of presidential term.

During the speech Obama became emotional and cried.

In nine days, Donald Trump, the president-elect of USA will take office as the 45th US president in an inauguration ceremony in Washington.

(Translating by Negar Lotfi)



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