DATE : Monday 13 February 2017 - 16:18
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Nearly 200,000 People Evacuated Over Concerns at US’ Tallest Dam

At least 188,000 people have evacuated from several Northern California counties after damage to a spillway at the Oroville Dam

Nearly 200,000 People Evacuated Over Concerns at US’ Tallest Dam
Caspian International News Agency- The dam, which is the nation’s tallest, remains intact. But the emergency spillway, which guards against the overflow of the dam when water levels are high, was eroding Sunday.
The damage prompted a mandatory evacuation for cities and counties near Lake Oroville. In the worst case scenario, one official said, an uncontrolled release from the dam could send a 30-foot wall of water downstream.
“I’m not going to lift the evacuation order until I have a better idea of what that means and what risk that poses,” Butte County Sheriff Kory Honea said in a news conference late Sunday night.
Officials are waiting until daylight Monday to better assess the situation and decide when it’s safe for residents to return, Honea said.
California Gov. Jerry Brown issued a state emergency order to help local authorities with the situation and evacuations.
Heavy rainfall in Northern California this winter has filled Lake Oroville to the verge of overflow. The lake also gets water from the northern Sierra Nevada mountain range, which is experiencing one of its wettest seasons. This has triggered concerns over whether the water could overflow the dam and flood nearby communities.
The dam has two spillways — the primary and the emergency spillway — which are channels to leak water out of the lake to prevent overflow. And right now, both have problems.



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