DATE : Saturday 18 February 2017 - 18:06
NEWS ID : 2774
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Flood in Jahrom Damages 1200 Houses

The representative of Jahrom in the Assembly stated, “1200 houses have been damaged in the recent flood, which was caused by failure to control the water behind the dam”

Flood in Jahrom Damages 1200 Houses

Caspian International News Agency- Mohamadreza Rezai Kouchi, the representative of Jahrom in the Islamic Consultative Assembly stated, “The recent flood in Jahrom has damaged 1200 houses in this city, water has entered houses, and has moved cars in the city”.

He added, “Following this flood, water and electricity were cut off for several hours. Right now, electricity and gas are cut off and are not accessible”.

The representative of Jahrom stated, “People are helping each other, and service systems are doing their job too”.

Rezai noted, “Weak performance in controlling the water behind the dams in spite of the warnings of the meteorology organization is the cause of this flood”.

He added, “The main road from Jahrom to Shiraz has been destroyed and village roads are closed too. Getting food to villages is done by helicopters”.

(Translating by Negar Lotfi)



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