DATE : Saturday 25 February 2017 - 18:03
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Cannibal Man Found Eating a 7-year-old boy+Photos

Warning: Details of this horrific new are presented

Cannibal Man Found Eating a 7-year-old boy+Photos

Caspian International News Agency- In India’s Amariya, a mother entered a house to find his son eating a seven-year-old boy he had brought home and murdered. Nazim Miyan, in his early 20s, is accused of killing a boy and eating him after cutting him into pieces.

When the police arrived at the crime scene, they saw the decapitated body of the boy with the skin on the abdomen missing. After they entered the room, the murderer surrendered to police without resistance.

After arresting Nazim Miyan, hundreds of people gathered in front of the police station and demanded his death. After the investigations by the police it was said that he was a drug addict, and appeared in coherent during the investigation. The man will remain under custody until the final decision is made.
(Translating by Negar Lotfi)



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