DATE : Thursday 2 March 2017 - 12:21
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12 Strange Crimes Which Incur Death Penalty in North Korea

Listening to foreign music and poor management of institutions and farms are among these 12 crimes!

12 Strange Crimes Which Incur Death Penalty in North Korea

Caspian International News Agency– There are numerous rumors about strange and strict rules in North Korea. In this article, you will get familiar with actions which if done in North Korea, will incur the death penalty.

This report was based on the news which have been broadcasted about the death penalty of various people in North Korea in recent years.


1-Selling and Owning Western Literature

Selling and owning western literary works such as films, books and magazines are crime, and is punished by the death penalty.

2- Belief

Believing in religions is prohibited in North Korea. In 2013, 80 people were executed, because Bible was found in their houses.

3- Not Respecting the Leader

Respecting the head of the government is essential in North Korea. Even the tourists that travel to this country have to put flowers in front of the statues of the current leader and his deceased father, or they will face the death penalty.

4-Leaving the Country

Non of the citizens of North Korea has the right to leave the country without an official permit, and they can only travel within the borders.

5- Watching Inappropriate Movies

Watching these movies or promoting them is punished with the death penalty.

6-Searching the Internet

Searching the foreign web pages is prosecuted in North Korea and the citizens are only allowed to use internet for visiting government web pages.

7. Calling Abroad

In 2013, a North Korean citizens was executed for calling his friend in South Korea.

8- Watching Foreign TV series

In 2014, 50 citizens were executed in public for watching foreign films and TV shows.

9- Poor Management of Institutes and Farms

in 2015, the official news agency of North Korea reported that the head of government had ordered to execute a man who was responsible for managing one of the government farms because of poor management.

10- Drinking and Advertising Alcoholic Drinks

The North-Korean Citizens can only drink, and sell alcohol on holidays, and opposing this law will incur the death penalty.

11- Sleeping in Formal Meetings

Everyone who yawns in formal meetings or during the speech of the leader will be executed.

12- Listening to Foreign Music

Listening to foreign music, songs, and albums will incur the death penalty in North Korea.

(Translating by Negar Lotfi)




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