DATE : Monday 6 March 2017 - 18:28
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Old Hafez Poems Manuscript Discovered, One New Poem

The Asian Institute of Calcutta has discovered an old and unknown manuscripts of Divan-e-Hafez. It is said that this is a very rare and valuable edition of this book

Old Hafez Poems Manuscript Discovered, One New Poem

Caspian International News Agency– “The Asiatic Society of Calcutta has announced a new finding: The researchers of this cultural foundation has found a new and unknown manuscript of Divan-e-Hafez which is said to be a very rare and valuable edition of this book.

Times of India has dedicated its today’s cover page to the discovery of this 700-year-old manuscript and has called it an important cultural event which has happened accidentally. Many experts from all over the world are now going to Calcutta just for seeing this manuscript.

It is said that this manuscript is not only written with a beautiful handwriting but it also contains a poem which was absent in the previous versions.

Moreover, this manuscript is also important in the sense that contain the signature and golden seal of Shah Jahan, the famous and magnificent king of the Mughal dynasty in India. This king lived several centuries after Hafez but his court’s seal shows that this art-lover king had acquired this manuscript for his personal library.

The museum if the Asiatic Society has displayed this newly-found manuscript for the public to see, but has said that it will be moved to a special treasury soon.

An Interesting fact is that more than 200 years ago, Divan-e-Hafez was for the first time printed in Calcutta using lithography.

(Translating by Negar Lotfi)




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