DATE : Sunday 12 March 2017 - 12:43
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Warning about Second ISIS Emerging in European Borders

A former Al-Nusra prisoner has claimed that rebels from all over Syria, are being recruited by a new terrorist group which they call “The Second ISIS”. He claims that this new group will replace ISIS near European borders

Warning about Second ISIS Emerging in European Borders

Caspian International News Agency– In 2012, Peter Theo Curtis  was kidnapped by Al-Nusra terrorist group, which is connected to Al-Qaeda’s branch, in Syria, and was held captive for two years.

He claims that some dangerous groups in Syria are neglected. He has warned, “we will know it when they turn up in Paris or London with Kalashnikovs.”

During his captivity, Theo observed how a number of armed factions were created in northwest Syria, and this made him believed that “the Second ISIS” will emerge near European and Turkish borders.

This former prisoner has made these claims while Syrian government forces are taking back lands from ISIS, and Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, the leader of this terrorist group apparently admits defeat.

Theo said, “Something dangerous and alarming is happening in North-West Syria, and it’s the emergence of second ISIS. Right on Turkish borders. It takes only a few days of a bus journey for this group to reach to any of the European countries. I think that what West believes is happening in Syria is not enough. They don’t know what happens in the field. They don’t even know their language and can’t understand the videos.

This former prisoner believes that this emerging rebel group has several tons of weapons and they can be more dangerous that ISIS.

Theo is an American journalist who was captured by al-Nusra, after entering the territories under the control of rebels in 2012. In the end, he was released with the help of secret service of Qatar in 2014.

(Translating by Negar Lotfi)



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