DATE : Saturday 18 March 2017 - 10:09
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New Interesting Facts About Humans’ Nose Shapes

A new research has shown that the size and shape of humans’ nose has changed through time, in order to adapt and fit the Earth’s climate

New Interesting Facts About Humans’ Nose Shapes

Caspian International News Agency– This new research, which was published in ‘Plus Genetics’ journal, confirms the previous researches done in this regard which had shown that people whose ancestors lived in hot and humid regions have larger nostrils than those whose ancestors lived in cold and dry climates.

The researchers have concluded that small nostrils cause an increase in the airs humidity in nose after breathing and warms it; and the body needs this.

Arsalan Zaidi, an anthropologist in Pennsylvania University has said in this regard, ” The cold air is not good for the bronchi of the respiratory tract”.

Zaidi stressed, “We cannot consider any of the nose shapes in the world as the best. In fact, our ancestors had adapted themselves with their environment”.

In this study, a number of international researchers have used 3D images to investigated the nose size of 476 volunteers whose ancestors lived in Southern and Eastern Asia, Western Africa, and Norther Europe, and have resulted that the history of human’s nose evolution has been complicated; since many cultural and social factors have affected it”.

Researchers have stated, “These researches about humans’ adaptation with the climate is essential for the better understanding of illnesses, and finding out the roots of some diseases such as allergies, cancer, and anemia.

Scientists have announced that it is possible that the enlargement of nostrils have been due to some respiratory diseases which people who have lived in different environments from those of their ancestors may have developed.

(Translating by Negar Lotfi)



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